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Andhra Pradesh Political Map

Andhra Pradesh Political map
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Andhra Pradesh Political Map

Andhra Pradesh Political Map showing the district borders of the state. It is highlight Andhra Pradesh district name, District headquarter, major town etc.
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Andhra Pradesh has 23 districts with 9 to 10 district have international sea border. Andhra Pradesh political Map highlight below 23 districts:-

Adilabad Anantapur Chittoor
East Godavari Guntur Hyderabad
Kadapa Karimnagar Khammam
Krishna Kurnool Mahabubnagar
Medak Nalgonda Nellore
Nizamabad Prakasam Rangareddy
Srikakulam Visakhapatnam Vizianagaram
Warangal West Godavari  

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