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Dantewada District Map

Dantewada Map
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Dantewada District Map

Dantewada Map showing district border by Narayanpur District from North, Sukma District from South, Kondagoan District from East, Bijapur District from West.

Dantewada map showing :
Dantewada Roads
Dantewada District and state boundaries
Dantewada Headquarters
Dantewada Rivers
Dantewada District towns
Dantewada Taluk

Dantewada District Date of Formation
Dantewada District Area
9046 Sq./km.
Dantewada District Population Density
59 Sq/km.
Dantewada District Literacy Rate
42.67 %
Male: 52.69 %
Female: 32.88 %
Dantewada District Male Female Ratio
Dantewada District Rainfall
1237.5 mm
Dantewada District Temperature in Summer
33.97 Deg C
Dantewada District Temperature in Winter
22.23 Deg C
Dantewada District Rivers
Indravati, Godavari, Shabhari, Shankhini, Dankiny
Dantewada District Blocks
Dantewada, Geedam, Katekalyan, Kuwakonda
Dantewada District Assembly Constituencies
Dantewada District Agricultural Products
Paddy, maize, kudo-kutki
Dantewada District Folk Arts
Leja, Reelo, Mariro, Sona, Dhakul Geet, Chait Parab Geet, Kotni, Jhaliyana Geet, Dandami Maria, Gurgal, Karsad, Dandari, Gedi, Giti, Bhatra, Dandari
Dantewada District Fairs and Festivals
Vijja Pandum, Ama, Pane, Dela, Podla, Amus, Chikma, Karta, Pane Pandum, Gadi Pandum
Dantewada District People
Tribals namely Muriyas, Dandami Mariyas, Gonds, Dola, Halba
Dantewada District Attractions
Bodhghat Sath Dhar
Memory Pillar of Gamawada
Pamed Sanctuary
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