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Mahasamund District Map

Mahasamund Map
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Mahasamund District Map

Mahasamund Map showing district is bordered with Raigarh and Baloda Bazar District from North, Orissa from South and East, Gariyaband District from South West and Raipur District from west. Mahasamund was founded on 6th July 1998.

Mahasamund map showing :
Mahasamund Roads
Mahasamund District and state boundaries
Mahasamund Headquarters
Mahasamund Rivers
Mahasamund District towns
Mahasamund Taluka

Mahasamund District Area
4779 Sq. KM.

Mahasamund District Density of Population
216 /Sq. KM

Mahasamund District Literacy Rate

71.54 %

Male: 83.01 %,

Female: 60.37 %

Mahasamund District Male Female Ratio

Mahasamund District Average Rainfall
1187.8 mm

Mahasamund District Temperature in Summer
33.63 Deg C
Mahasamund District Temperature in Winter
20.06 deg C

Mahasamund District Sub Divisions
Mahasamund, Saraipali

Mahasamund District Blocks
Bagbahara, Basna, Mahasamund, Pithora, Saraipali

Mahasamund District Assembly Constituencies
Saraipali, Basna, Khallari, Mahasamund

Mahasamund District Attraction
Shwet Ganga
Chandi Temple
Chandi Temple
Kallari Mata Temple

Mahasamund District Educational Resources
Government Mahavidyalay
Government College
Yatan Girls College
Shantri Bai College
Government College
Government K. L. Arts and Commerce College
Government Phul Jhar College

Mahasamund District Mineral Resources
Gold, Granite, Limestone

Mahasamund District People
Kamar, Kanwar, Dhanwar, Halba, Kharai, Saur, Saharia, Sonar, Sanwara, Munda, Pardhi, Bahalia, Kharwar
Last Updated : 18/2/2013
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