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  • 14,83 sq km
  • 1912
  • Delhi
  • 81.8%
  • 9294
  • 22,772 Kms
  • 12,565,902
  • English,Hindi,Urdu
  • 0.6 C to 46.7 C
  • New Delhi
  • 9
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Delhi, the capital city of India has traditionally been the seat of administrative power of India. For centuries its glory attracted one conqueror after another. Here several dynasties rose and fell leaving monumental gifts to posterity. The Qila Rai Pithora , bequeathed by a Rajput King ;the Qutb Minar , grand gesture of an Afghan king the Red Fort that Shah Jahan , the great Mughal built, the ruined old fort were once the wise King Sher Shah lived, the glorious Jama Masjid , eloquent reminder of Mughal religious fervour, the tombs and mausoled in remembrance of ruling nobles and kings.

Delhi is all here to see this slow march of history, carved in stone. Legend has it that Delhi, then called as Indraprastha, was originally founded around 1200B.C by Pandavas the heroes of epic Mahabharata. The old 'Dilli' is not one but the seven cities Hindu and Mogul emperors gave India. In its great buildings, Standing or in ruins may be seen the glories of the empires of ages past. The new Delhi the eighth Delhi, Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker gave India. This is the Delhi of a world which plans its every move. And Lutyens planned New Delhi in all its geometrical symmetry, when city planning was still in its infancy. But despite all the planning that has gone into it, Delhi still has a majestic beauty and an old world charm which even jet age cannot erase.

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