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  • 3,702 sq km
  • 30th May 1987
  • Panaji
  • 82.32%
  • 363
  • 7,457 Kms
  • 13,43,998
  • Konkani,Portuguese,Eng.
  • 79
  • Dabolim
  • 2
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Goa, known in the bygone era as Gomanchala , Gopakapattam ,Gopakapuri , Govapuri, Govarashtra etc . Abounds in a rich historical heritage. In the 1st century of the Christian era it was a part of the Satvahana Empire followed by the Kadambas , the Rashtrakutas of Malkhed the Chalukayas and the Siharas , The empire of yadavas by the end of the 14th century was displaced by the emperor Khilji of Delhi and thus the Muslim rule came to Goa.

After the discovery of the sea route to India by Vasco - da - Gama in 1498, many Portuguese Expeditions came to India . In 1510, Alfonso de Albuquerque with the help of the emperor of Vijayanagar attacked and captured Goa. The Portuguese continued to rule over the territory except for an interlude during the latter half pof the 17th century when Shivaji conquered a few areas around Goa. Even after the Indian Independence, Goa Continued it be in the hands of the Portuguese. However, they could not fulfill the aspirations of Goa people and ultimately on December 19th 1961 after 451 years, Goa was liberated and made a composite Union Territory with Daman and Diu.

On 30th May 1987, Goa was conferred Statehood, Separating it from 25 years old Union Territory of Goa Daman and Diu. Goa is gifted with immense natural beauty and a rich historical past. It offers a host of attractions for visitors, holiday makers and connoisseurs of art. This is the land where a memory of the past fuse with the present and every Goan feels proud of its heritage.

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