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  • 44,212 sq km
  • 1 November 1966
  • Chandigarh
  • 68.59%
  • 477
  • 1513
  • 2,10,82,989
  • Hindi,Punjabi
  • Dairy
  • 27,907
  • 19
 Map of Haryana
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Haryana Map

Haryana state is bounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east Punjab in the west , Himachal Pradesh in the north and Rajasthan in the south . Delhi just into Haryana and is encompassed by it on three sides . it has the Shivalik hills in the north and Yamuna river in the east . The Aravalli hills which stretch from Delhi to Gujarat also runs through its Gurgaon region and then enters Rajasthan near Alwar . The river Ghaggar is on the western side if the state . Haryana can be divided into two natural regions - Sub Himalayan terrain and the Indo - Gangetic Plain. The plain area is fertile and slopes from north to south. In the south - western part the area is dry sandy and barren. Haryana has no perennial rivers like its parent state Punjab. Haryana has more affinity with Rajasthan.

Haryana is culturally part of the contiguous area of western Uttar Pradesh the rural and old urban area of Delhi and parts of adjacent Rajasthan. The language generally spoken by the people could be called Haryanvi. Parts of India remain to be redistributed according to the culture and spoken language of the people although to a great extent the linguistic distribution has already of the culturally homogenous people of Haryana and its contiguous areas.

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