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Jammu & Kashmir

  • 2,22,236 sq km
  • 26 October, 1947
  • Srinagar, Jammu
  • 54.46%
  • 99
  • 13,042Kms
  • 1,00,69,917
  • Kashmiri,Dogri
  • Carpets,Handicrafts
  • 84Kms
  • 14
Jammu and Kashmir map
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Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir the 'Crown' of India lies in the extreme north of the country and shares international boundary on three sides with china, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is bounded in the south by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The mountainous State is blessed with lofty snow clad peaks, deep gorges , glaciers, lush green meadows and verdant valleys full of Chinar trees, beautiful silvery lakes charming flora and fauna, making it a ' Paradise on Earth' It is an excellent base for leisure and adventurous holidays amidst breath taking scenery .

Jammu and Kashmir has a very rich history and a distinct culture were people of all faiths live in perfect harmony and has some of the most sacred temples, mosques, monasteries and caves . Kashmir handicrafts are well known all over the world .The ancient tradition of crafting paper Mache, wood carving, carpet and shawl making etc which generates substantial amount of foreign exchange. A visit to this paradise resplendent in nature's glory will linger long in the memory of the visitor.

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