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  • 79,714 sq km
  • 15 Nov 2000
  • Ranchi
  • 54.13%
  • 338
  • Pulses, Maithili
  • 2,69,09,428
  • Santhali,Mundari,Kurukh
  • Cement,Paper
  • Ranchi,Jamshedpur
  • 22
Map of Arunachal Pradesh
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The Jharkhand state comprises of eighteen districts of the erstwhile Bihar-Ranchi , Gumla , Lohardage , Purbi Singbhum , Pashchimi Singbhum, Hazzribagh , Giridih, kodarma , Chatra, Dhanbad , Bokaro, Palamau , Garhwa , Dumka, Deogarh , Godda, Pakur and Sahibgunj .But after creation of the state four new districts - Simdega , latehar, Saraikela - Kharsawan and Jamtara -have been created . With an area of 79,551 sq Km the new state is bordered by Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal to its north, west , south and east respectively . 35%of the population of former Bihar is in the Jharkhand region.

Jharkhand is one of the most industrialized regions of the country today. The region accounts for 35.5%of the country 'S known coal reserves , 90%of its cooking coal deposits ,40% of its copper 22% of its iron ore 90% of its mica and huge deposits of bauxite , quartz and ceramics . It is home to the largest steel plant in Bokaro, apart from jamshedpur being practically the city of TISCO and TELCO. In 1908 India' s first integrated iron and steel mill was established at Jamshedpur , by Jamshedji Tata

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