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  • 1,91,791 sq km
  • 1 November,1956
  • Bengaluru
  • 67.04%
  • 275
  • Cashewnut,Coconu
  • 5,27,33,958
  • Kannada,Urdu,Tamil
  • Cement,Automobile
  • 1,42,754
  • 27
Map of Karnataka
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Karnataka is the eighth largest state in India both in area and population. The state lies to the south of Goa and Maharashtra, to the west of Andhra Pradesh to northwest of Tamil nadu and to the north of Kerala. It has a sea coast of nearly 200 km (300 km with inundations ). On the west it opens out to the Arabian Sea.The Western Ghats are the source of many east and west flowing rivers . The two important river systems of Karnataka state are Krishna and its tributaries ( Bhima , Vedavati, Ghataprabha , Malaprabha and Tungabhadra ) in the north and Kaveri and its tributaries (Hemavati ,Shimsa , Arkavati and Kabini ) in the south . Both these rivers flow east waed and into the Bay of Bengal. A number of smaller rivers like Sharavati , kalinadi and Netravati flow westward into the Arabian Sea

To the east of the Western Ghats ranges is the Deccan Plateau. Major parts of Karnataka lies in this plateau which is in the rain shadow areas. There are many waterfalls in Western Ghats (Jog Falls).

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