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  • 4265 km
  • 1502'to 1551'N
  • 7343' to 7535'E
  • 800 Meters
  • 20C to 39.4C
  • 828 mm
  • 1,604,253
  • 155/sq.kms
  • 6
  • 580001
  • 0836
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Dharwad is one of district of India state Karnataka and covering 4265 sq km area. Dharwad city is the district headquarter. Dharwad is a reputed university town with good educational facilities. Dharwad has a history of more than 8 centuries and was known as Kutala Desha. The Places is also saind to be associated with pandavas, who spent part of their exile here. Some relics of this period can be at Ron, Hangal and Itgi.Dharwad is located on 10 10' to 11 30' N and 76 40' to 77 30' E. Dharwad district is 800 mts above the sea level.Dharwad population is 1,604,253 as per 2001 census.

Dharwad has six Taluka's:


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