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  • 38,863 sq km
  • 1 November 1956
  • Thivanathapuram
  • 90.92%
  • 819
  • 1592 Kms
  • 3,18,38,619
  • Malayalam,Tamil
  • Aluminium,Beedi
  • 41,856
  • 14
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Kerala the tiny little state situated on the south west corner of India has the most enterprising and industrious people in the country. This land of lovely palm - fringed wide sandy beaches has lush green vegetation all over. A journey along Kerala 's coast takes one through sheet of tender green paddy fields , cardamom groves and slopping plantations of tea and tapioca . Though this land of rivers and backwaters is busy raising valuable cash crops like tea, rubber, cardamom, coffee, and cashew nut , It still lives at the leisurely pace of ageless craft playing in canals and backwaters .

Kerala offers one of the best beaches in the country at kovalam and one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries at Thekkady (Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary). It came into being on 1st November 1956 and has made the history by becoming the first State in India to achieve 100% literacy. Kerala is also famous for its secular character where people of three major religions coexist. The state is dotted with ancipent temple, churches and mosques. These are Jewish settlers and their synagogues too . A visit to this tiny fertile friendly land will reveal a kaleidoscope of deep rooted cultures, traditions and delightful sensations.

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