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  • 13,582km
  • 19.26-20.42N
  • 77.18-79.9E
  • 5.6C-45.6C
  • 1056 mm
  • 20,77,144
  • 153/sq.kms
  • 57.96%
  • 951F/1000M
  • 16
  • 07232
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Yavatmal is surrounded from north by Amravati,from the northeast by Wardha District, from the east by Chandrapur District, fromthe south by Andhra Pradesh state and Nanded District, fromthe southwest by Hingoli District, and from the west by Washim District.Yavatmal district is located in the eastern part of Maharashtra. Betel leaves, sheep farming, dairy farming, fishing and pencil-manufacture are the main industries.Nagpur, which is 130 km northeast of Yavatmal, is the nearest Airport. Yavatmal Railway Station is a terminus on the railway line leading from Achalpur. The nearest major railhead is at Wardha.

Tehsils 1.Arni     2.Umarkhed
3.Kalamb       4.Pandharkawada
5.Ghatanji       6.Zari Jamani
7.Darwha        8.Digras
9.Ner           10.Pusad
11.Babhulgaon       12.Mahagaon
13.Maregaon      14.Yavatmal
15.Ralegaon      16.Wani

Lok Sabha Constituencies
1. Yavatmal-Washim (shared with Washim district)
2. Hingoli (shared with Hingoli district),
3. Chandrapur (shared with Chandrapur district).
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