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Geospatial Products

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers a wide range of digital mapping products from private as well as government sources. We strive to be the single source for geospatial data made available quickly and to exact specifications though our unique interactive map interface. Below is a listing of some of the major categories available for research on the site. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or if you do not see or are unsure of what data you need to complete your project.

Satellite Imagery

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers a variety of high, medium and low resolution satellite imagery datasets for nearly every location on the earth. Our unique interface allows you to submit your area of interest and get a comparison of all imagery including, date, price and resolution from each of the suppliers, now including the four newest and most highly-detailed commercial satellites currently in orbit.

Topographical Maps

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers digital and paper topographical maps from a variety of sources. Coverage and scale vary from site to site, but submitting your area of interest on our interactive map allows us to locate the best available mapping for your area.

Digital Street Maps

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers the most up-to-date version of the highly accurate and highly detailed street data. Layers include attributed streets, water, government boundaries, points of interest and many more.

Digital Vector Maps

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers a variety of vector line, polygon and point datasets for all areas of the world. This includes major linear and point features and access to detailed international city mapping. All of these are formatted for use in common GIS software packages.

Demographic Data

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers the latest Indian States demographics data created and maintained by Census of India etc. and formatted for use in ESRI, MapInfo, and Excel among others. The data can be obtained by custom areas, ward, city, sub district, district or full states.

GIS Software

Strategic Mapping Solutions offers the latest versions of all of the commonly utilized software in the geospatial arena today.
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