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Geospatial Services

Get an overview of services offers that can support the needs of consumers, organization or application development which includes demographic & location data enabling location-based services

. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
. GIS Consulting
. Remote Sensing
. Database Update
. Custom datasets

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Strategic Mapping Solutions span the entire geospatial value chain from consulting and application development to spatial analysis and modeling to remote sensing and data conversion. We have been delivering targeted business solutions using the latest information technologies and geospatial capabilities. These solutions incorporate details derived from remote sensing, image processing and utilize our experience and highly qualified resource pool.

GIS Consulting

Strategic Mapping Solutions assists clients with assessment of geographical data needs (User Needs Assessment), procedures for data collection and capture, and evaluation of hardware and software. Strategic Mapping Solutions carries out User Needs Assessment studies to help its clients identify and define the requirements for spatial data and relevant solutions within the organization. The results of the study address requirements for geospatial related data, applications, database design, implementation methods, and training. Strategic Mapping Solutions formulates an implementation strategy to ensure effective integration of geospatial solutions within an organization.

One of our consulting strengths is our ability to quickly identify ways in which workflow can be optimized or automated to provide immediate productivity gains. Strategic Mapping Solutions will work with the client to implement any proposed optimization and automation solution.

Remote Sensing

Strategic Mapping Solutions has extensive expertise in satellite image interpretation and processing, having worked with most of the commercially available satellite data products, including IKONOS, QuickBird, IRS, Landsat, Radarsat etc.

Strategic Mapping Solutions remote sensing services include:
. Land use/land cover data
. Large Scale mapping
. Transport & Utility network mapping Road, Railway, Electrical (HT/LT) etc.

Database Update

Database update services are one of Strategic Mapping Solutions core competencies and go beyond just geodatabase creation. Providing these services involves periodic enhancement and maintenance of the geodatabases, to ensure that these assets remain current and reflect physical changes as accurately as possible. Custom datasets

In addition to the standard layers of data mentioned above, GDC also has the expertise in preparing custom data layers as per requirements. We have the survey capabilities also for any specific data collection.

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