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  • 3,42,239 sq km
  • 1 November1956
  • Jaipur
  • 61.03%
  • 165
  • 26.57N/73.83E
  • 5,64,73,122
  • Hindi,Rajasthani
  • 1,34,632
  • 5,890
  • 33
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Rajasthan is one of the borer states in the north western part of the India union. It shares India's frontier with Pakistan on the west and north west . Punjab is on the north, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on the northeast and east . Madhya Pradesh on the south and southeast and Gujarat on the southwest. Rajasthan shows great contrast from one area to another. this disparity is noticeable in respect of climate , soil, vegetation, minerals etc . Although Thar desert lies in the western part of Rajasthan , the state has many hill and rainy areas , river and lakes and an immense variety of nature that attracts tourists from far and near .

The Aravalli Range, from Delhi to Gujarat , runs through Rajasthan and divides it into southeast and northwest . The northwest region covers nearly two -third of the state and consists of a series of sand - dunes. the rainfall is scanty here . large tracts of the state lying to the east of the Aravallies are fertile and there are several rivers in this area . there are hills and valleys I this region and some forests too. Mt Abu in the Sirohi District is the highest mountain in Rajasthan and its tallest peak of Gurushikhar is 1717m high. The place is cool for most part of the year .

In Rajasthan, it is customary for rivers to be called "Banganga" or some derivative of Ganga , although they have nothing to do with the mighty Ganga .Extreme climate prevails in many parts of the state , where the day are very hot and the nights are cool . Hot winds, called "loo" blow in the south westerly dliection.

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