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  • 4,621 km
  • 8.72 N
  • 78.12 E
  • 15,65,743
  • 339/sq.km
  • 18.4C-40.5C
  • 468
  • 87%
  • 1049F/1000M
  • 8
  • 0461
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Tuticorin is one of district of Tamil Nadu and also know as Thoothukudi. Tuticorin is situated on the eastern coast of southern Tamil nadu. Tuticorin district has headquarters in Tuticorin. Tuticorin has one of the most important port of the country and well known at ancient times for its pearls. Tuticorin was one of the eastern coast. Tuticorin is a major pearl fishing centre, with Hyderabad the capital of Andhra Pradesh now taking over as the centre for the artificial pearl industries in the South. Industralised Tuticorin in now better known for its fertilizer and heavy water plants as well thermal power station. It is also Major salt production centre. Tuticorin is 580 far from Chennai the capital of Tamil Nadu. Tuticorin nearest Airport is Madurai. Tuticorin is also connected by rail and road from any part of the state of India .

Thoothukudi district have 8 taluks:

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