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West Bengal

  • 88,752 sq km
  • May 1, 1960
  • Kolkata
  • 69.22%
  • 904
  • 22.56N 88.36E
  • 8,02,21,171
  • Bengali
  • 3,768
  • 77,579
  • 19
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West Bengal

West Bengal covers the bottleneck of India in the east stretching from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south. It is bounded on the north by Sikkim and Bhutan, on the east by Assam and Bangladesh, on the south by the Bay of Bengal and on the West by Orissa , Bihar and Nepal.Generally speaking, W. Bengal has four natural parts .(1) The chhotanagpur region in the north west ;(2) The Himalaya mountains in the north ;(3) The Lower Gangetic Plains ;(4) The Coastal Plains.

Ganga , which originates in the Gangotri glacier in the western mountainous region of Uttar Pradesh and then flows down to the plains at Haridwar , enters W. Bengal after traversing a great distance in UP and Bihar .it flows towards east and south east in W.Bengal where it is also called Bhagirathi . One part of it goes to Bangladesh and called padma . The main Ganga is also called Hoogli . The silt brought by the river adds to the fertility of soil.The whole of W.Bengal enjoys a heavy rainfall from Monsoons from June to September. Thus there is ample vegetation in the state. The general climate is hot and humid for a major part of the year.

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