Buying a New Lawnmower? Tips & Advice

If you have a lawn, then you probably love the sight of it being freshly cut and looking neat. However, the thought of cutting the grass in the first place can often fill you with dread along with the weekly cuts throughout the summer to keep it looking nice.

Like all household jobs, the quality of the finish is largely dependant on having the right tool for the job and cutting the grass is no different. Having a quality and reliable lawnmower is essential for keeping your grass looking great and making it easier to cut.

Lawnmower Types

There are many brands of mower available to buy but they fall into two main groups – electric and petrol powered. Which you choose can be down to personal preference but in some cases, the size of your lawn will dictate which is most suitable.

A lawnmower is good working order will cut your grass evenly and won’t miss any blades. Conversely, a worn-out mower will leave uncut, patchy areas of grass due to the blades not being sharp enough or out of alignment. They can also suffer from engine cut-outs, which will need to be investigated to remedy.

Considerations When Buying a Lawnmower

One of the primary considerations when buying a lawnmower is the size of your lawn. If you only have a small lawn, close to the house then a small electric mower will likely be most suitable. However, if you have a large lawn then a petrol-powered mower with a large cutting area will be best. In this case, you may also want to consider a mower with a mulcher built in to discard grass cuttings as you mow.

The obvious limitation with electric mowers is the cable that must trail back to an electricity supply point. Care should be taken not to cut the cable with the blade of the mower as this presents a safety hazard. To help reduce the risk of a potentially fatal electrical shock, consider using a circuit breaker. However, the benefits of electric mowers include quitter operation and easy maintenance.

With petrol powered mowers, they will be more powerful and robust than their electric counterparts and without a cable needed, can go anywhere you wish. However, using an internal combustion engine means there are maintenance tasks required to keep it top running order. This includes a regular oil change; petrol top ups and spark plug replacement. If you are familiar with engine maintenance, then servicing your own mower would be within your capabilities. Otherwise, a local mower service centre would be happy to help.

Choosing the right lawnmower needed be difficult. Just do some research into the models available and determine what your own requirements are, and you’ll be well placed to make an informed buying decision.

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